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Doug Thomson Course Update

Doug Thomson has decided not to travel to the UK because of the coronovirus outbreak. His primary concern is that the USA border force may insist on him self isolating for two weeks on his return which would badly affect his committments in the USA. Therefore he is presenting the day via live video link to the Gold Cup Suite. It's another first for GID, a new technological experience and I'm looking forward to it. GID cannot cancel the event at this late stage so the event will run exactlu as usual except Doug won't be in the room....


Doug Thomson Course

Doug Thomson has decided not to travel to the UK because of the coronovirus outbreak. His main concern is that the USA border force would make him self isolate for two weeks which would cause him greta inconvenience. Thus he is going to do the whole day via Zoom Meeting Live video link...which will be a new experience for us all! GID cannot cancel the day at the racecourse at this late stage. The day will run exactly as usual in all other respects. I'm looking forward to GID breaking new technological ground.


Annual Wine Tasting

The committee of GID are pleased to announce that the annual Wine Tasting will be held on Saturday November 24th. The venue is the Panoramic Suite at the Cheltenham Racecourse at 1900. RSVP or07766878356

2018-2019 Season

The 2018-2019 Postgraduate season starts on September 28th for all groups. Please register if coming asap.


The next GID study day is on April 27th and is the last meeting before the summer recess. The newly designed certificates that are compliant with the current GDC requirements will be in force by then. It has taken rather longer to produce than hoped for but we needed to get it right.

Dental Directory Raffle Prize Winners

During the study day on Friday March 9th Dental Directory and Marga Ree provided some wonderful prizes that were raffled.

Marga Ree donated her Endodontic's Textbook that was initially drawn and won by the honourable chairman. Being an honourable chairman he refused the book and when it was re drawn Adeyemi Oplaeye from Tetbury won.

Dental Directory provided a tablet for the raffle in the nurses group. This was won by Sally Jelfs from Castle Gate Dental Practice in Dursley.

Minor prizes were won by Lucy Conrad and Ellen Rider.

Many thanks to the sponsors of these raffles which proided extra excitement on the day.

2017 Wine Tasting

The annual GID wine tasting is being held on Saturday November 25th in The Panoramic Suite at the Cheltenham Racecourse. The vent will begin at 1900 and will be in the smae format as past years. A postal invitation is being sent out. Partners are welcome.

Please RSVP to or 07766878356

GID's Silver Jubilee

2017 sees the silver jubilee of GID. Formed in 1992 as a result of Government action the group has gone from strength to strength. The Committee are planning a celebration on Saturday October 14th to include all GID group members at the Pittville Pump Room starting at 1930.

Full details are to be found on the flier that is showing on each group's home page.

Tickets are £25 each, partners are welcome, and can be bought by contacting Mark on

GID 2016 Christmas Party

The 2016 Christmas Party was the "best ever" packed with fun and high jinks. Having nearly drowned in the Dental Directory champagne reception the revellers paused for a light supper and some magic before visiting the GID vodka luge. Thus fortified and with excellent music the dancing began. The novelty photobooth was very popular as was the cocktail bar. The vodka lug, designed by Sarah Farrier, in the shape of the GID logo was very popular and added immensely to the party. It is just possible that the odd member had one shot too many but then Christmas comes but once a year. 

The vodka luge prior to its transfer to the Tate Modern!

Be sure to enter the date for this year's party in you diary asap.


Wine Tasting 2016

The 2016 annual GID Wine Tasting is on Saturday November 26th in the Panoramic Suite at the Cheltenham Racecourse starting at 1900. The champagne reception is being sponsored by 

You should have received your invitation through the post providing the correct address was on the database!

We are going to follow the same format as last year which seemed to go down did the wine.

Please rsvp to and partners are welcome.



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